417 Awesome suffered water damage and needed remediation in a 5-week time frame. After water remediation. While there, we reimagined the space and completed a full renovation. At 417 sq ft, creative storage solutions, as well as secondary sleeping area for guests, and most  importantly, a space conducive to entertaining.  

What we did:  

  • Installed double height cabinets to maximize high ceilings & storage options
  • Installed mirrors in cabinets and backsplash to create the illusion of depth
  • Redesigned sleeping quarters over bathroom to accommodate storage, ambient lighting, entertainment space 
  • Painted in bright white to maximize volume through reflected surfaces 
  • Former sleeping alcove converted to a built-in walk-in closet 
  • Built custom bed with reclaimed wood  
  • Residence was fully decorated, from sofas to spoons to provide an efficient and comfortable,  and luxury living space