Inside Solari’s in the 1940s. Courtesy The Charles L. Franck Studio Collection at The Historic New Orleans Collection, Acc. No. 1979.325.39.Solari’s reigned as a leading grocery store in the United States for over a century. Despite the challenging circumstances of the early 1860s—a period marked by war, regional occupation, and limited disposable income—Joseph B. Solari, an insurance executive from a thriving antebellum community of Italian-born merchants, defied the odds by establishing an extraordinary and renowned grocery store. This establishment foreshadowed the contemporary “foodie” emporiums such as Martin’s Wine Cellar, St. Rock Market, Dryades Public Market, the revitalized French Market, and the global phenomenon of “Eataly” marketplaces.

Now home to Mr. B’s Restaurant, the former Solari’s not only offered a tantalizing blend of imported delicacies and local favorites but also served as a trusted destination for discerning gourmands and busy homemakers. Despite the challenging times, Joseph B. Solari’s vision and commitment have left an enduring legacy in the realm of culinary excellence.

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Solari Orleans Original documentationAlongside their enduring culinary legacy between 1864 and the 1920s, the Solari Family enlisted the talents of renowned Louisiana architect Thomas Sully to design a residence at 2125 Saint Charles Avenue. Retaining its hospitable essence, the ornate and romantic Greek Revival mansion, presently known as Solari Orleans, continues to embody the spirit of its original occupants.

A magnificent splendor to the esteemed locales of St. Charles Avenue and the Garden District in New Orleans, Solari Orleans showcases a harmonious blend of original historical features and contemporary indulgences. The interior boasts graceful gingerbread trim, a magnificent staircase, intricate crown molding, ornamental medallions, and a courtyard adorned with a captivating fountain. With intentional neutral hues, our expansive central hall is a captivating canvas where clients can bring their visions to fruition in a mesmerizing old-world ambiance. 

The venue warmly accommodates lavish cocktail parties, receptions, corporate events, philanthropic fundraisers, and joyous social gatherings throughout the year. With our exceptional capabilities and expertise, Solari Orleans possesses the ability to curate a luxurious experience for events of every scale and nature.

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